Nature reserve “Ropotamo”

BIG_IMG_13255354841638980Ropotamo Nature Reserve is located 50 kilometers south of Burgas. The reserve is one of the most beautiful places that can be found in Bulgaria. On its territory there are interesting and unique natural sites – dense forests, firth of Ropotamo river, different rock formations, “Snake Island” beach and more.

The area is home to over 100 species, included in the Red Book of Bulgaria and was declared a nature reserve in year 1940. With its area of about ​​1,000 hectares, it is one of the largest protected areas in the country.

In Ropotamo reserve there are many rare animal and plant species. Here can be found around 226 species of birds. Among the most interesting representatives heron and osprey, It has a wingspan of over two meters. Over the territory of the reserve passes the path of migratory birds “Via Pontic.”

17127311 (2)rocks and sand dunes are home to a variety of Reptiles and Hermann spur-thighed tortoise, leopard snake, lizards, several species of frogs. Mammals found in the area are about 50 species of red deer and fallow deer, otters, foxes, jackals, wild boar, etc..

firths of Ropotamo river is one of the main tourist attractions in the reserve. Along the river you can see quite bizarre rocks, the most popular is the “Lion’s Head”. It was declared a natural phenomenon in year 1947 and represents numerous boulders forming the image of a lion’s head.
Shores of Ropotamo river are so picturesque and exotic that it is also called the Bulgarian Amazon. It flows from the Strandzha mountain slopes and goes into the Black Sea. On the dock of the river there are 5 motorboats which carry tourist boat rides lasting 60 min. Boat ride in Ropotamo River is unforgettable experience. The boats travel from Monday until Sunday from 9.00 till 20.00 oclock.

Boat ride along the river Ropotamo is offered by “Venis Marina ltd”. The walk is about one hour.